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Friday, July 26, 2019

Preceptor Lounge Free for All

The education staff have been kicking up a rumpus in the new preceptors' lounge. Students have filed a grievance, claiming preceptors have been failing to show up for class, opting to whoop it up in the new lounge, often inebriated and apt to talk loudly and sing for no reason.

Ghost watch gains supporters

Veil Defenders have been working 'round the clock to stem the tide of supernatural energy seeping into the lower levels of the academy. Reports of things going bump in the night increase daily, and there has been a rush on both teddy bears and night lights at the campus store.

The Janil Jambri Begins!

Work has commenced on the festivities surrounding the ocademy's 5000 year anniversary. Check back for updates every 5 years or so.

Growing Pains

This will ultimately be an article about expanding the academy ...